Jan-Philippe Coderre, president of plancher 2000, is a rare breed in the world of small and medium-sized retail businesses. No long family traditions in his case, no generations of entrepreneurs behind him to pave the way.

From nothing, with a go-getter spirit and a good dose of naivety, he has forged a prominent place for himself in the flooring and interior design industry in Quebec.

For more than 25 years, the trusted Plancher 2000 team has earned a great reputation for its authenticity, impeccable customer service and efficient, highly qualified team.

Plancher 2000 is a trusted brand that inspires peace of mind for all our customers. Since our opening, we have been striving to find unique, quality products at competitive prices that will meet our customers' most stringent requirements.

Leader in the floor covering sector in Quebec, we offer you a wide range of products to make your dream project a reality: hardwood, ceramic, vinyl flooring, decorative stone, floating floors and quartz and natural stone countertops.

Welcome to our universe!


Jan-Philippe Coderre

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Jan-Philippe Coderre

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